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GO Term Description P-value Enrichment (N, B, n, b) Genes
GO:0005201 extracellular matrix structural constituent 8.6E-7 94.10 (17361,82,9,4) [+] Show genes
GO:0048407 platelet-derived growth factor binding 2.25E-5 631.31 (17361,11,5,2) [+] Show genes
GO:0004630 phospholipase D activity 2.27E-4 8.96 (17361,7,1384,5) [+] Show genes
GO:0030674 protein binding, bridging 3.69E-4 182.75 (17361,95,2,2) [+] Show genes
GO:0030507 spectrin binding 4.6E-4 7.66 (17361,7,1618,5) [+] Show genes
GO:0005515 protein binding 5.61E-4 1.10 (17361,8009,1819,921) [+] Show genes
GO:0004304 estrone sulfotransferase activity 6.91E-4 1,446.75 (17361,1,12,1) [+] Show genes

Species used: Homo sapiens

The system has recognized 34053 genes out of 34082 gene terms entered by the user.
34053 genes were recognized by gene symbol and 0 genes by other gene IDs .
12576 duplicate genes were removed (keeping the highest ranking instance of each gene) leaving a total of 21477 genes
Only 17361 of these genes are associated with a GO term

The GOrilla database is periodically updated using the GO database and other sources.
The GOrilla database was last updated on Jul 3, 2010

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'P-value' is the enrichment p-value computed according to the mHG or HG model. This p-value is not corrected for multiple testing of 3401 GO terms.

Enrichment (N, B, n, b) is defined as follows:
N - is the total number of genes
B - is the total number of genes associated with a specific GO term ('target' set and 'background set')
n - is the number of genes in the 'target set'
b - is the number of genes in the 'target set' associated with a specific GO term
Enrichment = (b/n) / (B/N)

Genes: For each GO term you can see the list of associated genes that appear in the 'target set'.
Each gene name is specified by gene symbol used in GO database followed by a short description of the gene